Dan Laisy and Bo Portyko - Biography

August 2017

Rebel’s primary goal is to instill a sense of community with shared seating, adventurous bites and an open dialogue between staff and patron in an unpretentious, friendly environment. The emphasis is on sharing life experiences while trying plenty of different food and drink. The atmosphere should be fun, interactive, creative and rebellious. We want to encourage meeting new people. Basically, imagine your local watering hole, but on hipster steroids.

Our food with be innovative, but with a strong nostalgic undertone. Food that reminds you of what you grew up with, but with a modern twist that is always evolving with the times and growing tastes. Our focus will be on small bites, snacks, and large shared plates; offal and underutilized parts, and sustainable over local. Dishes will be clean, simple, not over-thought. It will be food that you want to eat often but cannot find elsewhere. The menu will change regularly and reflect what inspires us at the moment as well as the season.

Serving food and drink for unserious people, Rebel will be the opposite of what you think a restaurant should be. We firmly believe that life is too short to be taken too seriously. The food industry has become a beloved part of our current culture, so we are seeking the ever illusive “fun” dining experience. Our core idea is to bring people together to embrace life with the strong bond that food and drink provides.

We believe you should know who is cooking your food. So come get to know us, maybe share a beer while we discuss what drives us while enjoying the fruits of our labor.