Mixologist Dan Greenbaum of The Beagle - Biography

New York, NY

April 2012

Dan Greenbaum is the bar manager of The Beagle, in Manhattan’s East Village, where he has created a program dedicated to historic and pre-prohibition style drinks. For Greenbaum, coming up with new drinks is usually an exercise in restraint, to “create something interesting with as few ingredients as possible.” This minimalist approach comes from a love and respect of fermentation and distillation.

Greenbaum started off bar-backing and eventually bartending during college, as a way to pay for his degree. After school and a brief career playing poker, Greenbaum again found himself behind the bar full time (despite, or because of, his philosophy degree). This post was a little more sophisticated, at Manhattan’s ‘inoteca liquori, working under his current employer and then-bar manager Matthew Piacentini. It was there that Greenbaum was first schooled in the classics as well as Piacentini’s original cocktails.

Greenbaum followed ‘inoteca liquori with a stint at Brooklyn Social in Carroll Gardens, as well as a few other Brooklyn area bars. After traveling in Europe for a bit, he returned and met with Sasha Petraske, of Milk & Honey fame, who put Greenbaum on the opening team at The John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace Hotel in 2010. Greenbaum credits Petraske for opening his eyes to the possibility of a serious future behind the bar and honing his technique and attention to detail. His craft might have evolved into complexity-via-minimalism, but if and when he’s sitting on the other side of the bar, Greenbaum usually keeps it simple with beer, wine, mescal, or whisky.