Pastry Chef Damien Gendron of Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat - Biography

Cap-Ferrat, France

September 2016

Raised in Dinard, France, a coastal town Brittany, Damien Gendron has butter in his bones. After high school, he studied cuisine at Le Centre de Formation d’Apprentis in nearby Ploufragan, earning his professional baccalaureate in food services in 2011 and an honorary degree in plated desserts in 2012. 

Degree in hand, Gendron moved to Courchevel in the Rhône-Alpes for a job at Le Chabichou, a restaurant in a high-end mountain resort. Next, he traveled farther south to the French Riviera and the Grand-Hotel du Cap Ferrat, Four Seasons, to work under Luc Debove, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier. 

Rising to pastry sous chef, Gendron has also taken on the competition circuit, winning the prestigious Champion de France du Dessert in March 2016 for his creation “Yasmina.” Energetic and focused on perfection and originality, Gendron is thrilled to be competing on the international stage, representing France in the Valhrona C3 international finale.