Damian Brown of Bronx Brewery - Biography

New York, NY

April 2013

As Head Brewer and Co-Founder of Bronx Brewery, Damian Brown can be credited with contributing to the revitalization of one of New York City’s more neglected boroughs. Graduating from Yale with a degree in political science, Brown started his career with positions in sales and business development at several technology companies. But beer has always held a special place in his heart, as evinced by his consistent homebrewing endeavors since the age of 21, and it was just a matter of time before he decided to go pro. A year and a half as an assistant brewer at Shanendoah Brewing Company in Virginia served to initiate him into the craft and whet his appetite for further education.

Returning to academia, Brown completed the Master Brewer’s Program at the University of California at Davis, as well as a Diploma in Brewing from London’s Institute of Brewing and Distilling. It was actually during his time at Davis that co-founder Steve Sullivan first contacted him and asked him to be part of the Bronx Brewery project. Making the move to New York City in 2010, Brown is now dedicated to reviving the long-dormant Bronx brewing scene. He combines his business background with his passion for suds to drive this new enterprise forward.