Chef Cyrus Keefer - Biography

July 2014

Cyrus Keefer had childhood dreams of a life in music. He would imitate his favorite singers in the mirror for hours and later lived the dream until he and his band members split, each going their separate ways when Keefer was in his early twenties. He stepped back and realized it was time to change his medium of self expression. He started working in restaurants, getting his first real glimpse of kitchen life while working at DiFebo's, a family run Italian restaurant in Bethany Beach, Delaware. The experience ignited his passion and made him, literally, hungry for more. After cooking professionally for two years, Keefer picked up and moved to Philadelphia to attend The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.

Back in Bethany post graduation, he landed the executive chef position at Redfin Seafood Grill under James Beard Humanitarian Award winning chef Matt Haley. Next, Keefer boomeranged back to Philadelphia to stage at various restaurants and eventually worked at Twenty 21 under Chef Townsend Wentz, and at Cuba Libre for Chef Guillermo Pernot. Keefer made his final return to his home state to help Chef Kevin Reading open Nage in Reheboth Beach. He was the opening chef at Fork & Wrench in Baltimore, where he blazed his own trail, not tied down by any set of rules. He has since moved on to pursue his own endeavor, a casual, family friendly establishment, said to be called Allbird. Keefer continues to use his strong relationships with local farmers and fishermen to work with the best ingredients from across the Chesapeake state.