Corby Kummer of The Atlantic - Biography

Washington, DC

August 2010

Corby Kummer has three decades of writing—and eating—under his belt, more than enough experience to deserve the title “dean among food writers” (bestowed by the San Francisco Examiner). The Yale graduate began his career in earnest at The Atlantic in 1981, and among his early industry splashes was a series about coffee. Kummer’s in-depth coverage of coffee types and coffee makers not only foreshadowed but fomented a surge of renewed interest in the quality and craftsmanship of coffee. (The success of the series led to a book, The Joy of Coffee, published in 2005).

From 1995 to 1996, Kummer brought his acute culinary perceptions (which go well beyond coffee) to New York Magazine, and since 1997 he has served as restaurant critic for Boston Magazine. Now a senior editor at The Atlantic, Kummer writes a regular food column, edits articles on politics and public affairs, and oversees The Atlantic Food Channel blog.

Kummer’s second book, The Pleasures of Slow Food, released in 2008, showcases another of the writer’s passions. The book, a timely addition to the slow food repertoire, celebrates local artisans, regional products, and the kind of expertise that only comes with generations of practice.

A frequent food commentator on television and radio, Kummer earned high praise from none other than Julia Child (who called him “a very good food writer”). Over the course of his prolific career, Kummer has won no fewer than five James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards. And less than a year after its launch, the Atlantic Food Channel was nominated for a National Magazine Award as “Best Magazine Department on the Internet.”