Baker Christy Timon of Clear Flour Bread - Biography

Brookline, MA

April 2015

When Christy Timon, together with her husband Abe Faber, decided to open an artisanal bread store on a quaint corner of the Brookline neighborhood of Boston in 1983, she didn’t foresee the success of the bakery as one of the best in Beantown. Clear Flour Bread was originally a wholesale business, providing bread for small businesses and wine shops in the area. But when the smell of the freshly baked goods wafted through the blocks and word of mouth spread, the name began to catch many Brookline and Boston dwellers’ radars. Soon, lines of people were snaking out of her shop every day and she decided to open the store as a bakery.

During more than 20 years of living and kneading in Clear Flour Bread, Timon has created a family of bakers who work alongside her day and night, and a community of customers who frequent her shop—both bonded by the love for her bread and pastries.