Writer Christine Quinlan of Food & Wine - Biography

New York, NY

August 2012

Christine Quinlan moved to New York City without any specific job prospects. And her background was firmly financial: Quinlan had been a portfolio manager and equity analyst in Boston before moving to the city. But even if Wall Street always had a clear landing place for anyone with even vague financial savvy, Quinlan wasn’t interested in that career path.

Instead, she took classes through MediaBistro and Parsons to learn more about the communications industry, all the while interning at two Italian food magazines. Quinlan landed at Food & Wine in 2005, working as an editorial assistant to the managing editor.

Over the course of her career there, Quinlan has moved up the ranks to senior and finally deputy editor, overseeing a number of magazine sections, books, and digital strategies. In her current position, she writes about trends, equipment, and design, and conceives new editorial platforms and issue themes. She also works closely with the publishing team, developing ideas for special advertising sections and marketing programs. But among her favorite Food & Wine projects are May’s travel issue, “Chefs Know Best,” and the trends issue.