Rising Star Chef Christine Cikowski of Honey Butter Fried Chicken - Biography

Chicago, IL

May 2015

Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp are founders and co-chefs of Chicago’s beloved, decade-old Sunday Dinner Club, a tradition that transformed the warm welcome of Sunday supper into a thriving business—and also transformed them into community heroes.   

Before Cikowski collaborated with Kulp, she cooked in more traditionally professional environs, gaining formative experience at Blackbird and Milk & Honey Café. But she envisioned something a little more intimate. That vision, the Sunday Dinner Club, was an almost instantaneous success, building community among industry professionals, as well regular folks, based solely on word of mouth. It was also the birthplace of the signature dish that would drive Cikowski and Kulp’s next venture. Along with business partners Jen Mayer and Chris Jennings, Cikowski and Kulp opened Honey Butter Fried Chicken, for which they earned a 2015 StarChefs Rising Star Community Chefs Award. 

When they’re not keeping the city well fed and connected, the duo is involved with Restaurant Opportunity Center United and has traveled to Washington, D.C. to lobby congress as restaurant owners, advocating for an increased minimum wage and number of sick days. They also write about food, travel, and their progressive business philosophies that drive their home cooked career and keep the grassroots conversation going.