Mixologist Christian Self of Bar at the Thirtyninehotel - Biography

Honolulu, HI

April 2012

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Christian Self has made Hawaii his home for the last 16 years, most of which he spent in the service industry. Self is an award winning bartender who has over 25 bar and restaurant openings under his belt. In 2007 he joined the Barmagic of Las Vegas team as they repositioned the historic Greenbrier hotel, and stayed on as the hotels Beverage Specialist. Returning to Hawaii he took the position of bar manager at the trendsetting Chinatown night spot Thirtyninehotel, helping to pave the way for the return of cocktail culture to the forefront of Honolulu.

Self was also the mixologist for EDITION hotels, being part of the opening team of the first two properties in Waikiki and Istanbul. He is now freelancing and consulting. While plying his trade at Thirtyninehotel, and his own company Bevy. He has been featured on National Public Radio, KHON, National Beverage Guide, Cooking Channel, Honolulu Magazine, Hawaii Magazine, and was awarded with Bacardi’s “World’s Best Mai Tai” in 2010. Self’s secret to success is simple: “I believe in making the best cocktail with the best and freshest ingredients available that will please my guests.”