Restaurateur Christian Pappanicholas of The Cannibal - Biography

New York, NY

September 2016

When a career in commercial real estate in New York City wasn’t enough, Christian Pappanicholas found himself at the International Culinary Center. His real estate experience combined with his passion for food and drink had his mind wandering, wondering how to break into the cutthroat New York City restaurant market. Pappanicholas began his culinary career managing Snack Taverna in the West Village, before moving on to manage Mario Batali’s Otto in the East Village. However, it was a vacation to Belgium and the country’s culture of monastery-brewed beer and sophisticated pub food that inspired Pappanicholas to open Resto in spring 2007, finally breaking into the New York scene with a two-star review from The New York Times and appearances on multiple top 10 lists.

One restaurant wasn’t enough for Pappanicholas, whose father owned two Greek restaurants in Los Angeles. Resto’s success allowed Pappanicholas to open the neighboring restaurant, The Cannibal Beer and Butcher in 2011. A cyclist for Rockstar Racing Cycling team, Pappanicholas named The Cannibal after the revered Belgian cyclist, Eddie Mercks. The Cannibal boasts a selection of more than 500 craft beers and a local, nose-to-tail charcuterie program. Since opening, The Cannibal has expanded to Hell's Kitchen’s Gotham Market, where it received a two-star Times review, and across the country to Culver City, California.

Pappanicholas has expanded his local philosophy beyond food as a member of the Manhattan Community Board 5, through which he serves on the Parks and the Public Safety Quality of Life committees.