Chef Chris Young of ChefSteps - Biography

Seattle, WA

September 2010

Chris Young is a chef-scientist known for applying science and technology to create culinary experiences that earlier generations would never have imagined. Before becoming a chef, Young completed degrees in mathematics and biochemistry at the University of Washington. Unfulfilled with a life in the hard sciences, Young left his doctoral work behind for a job as a chef at one of Seattle’s top-rated restaurants, Mistral. The kind of guy who’s more than attentive to details, Young had an advantage in the technicalities of cuisine and quickly earned a reputation for his ability to apply technology and science in the kitchen.

Young’s expertise wasn’t long secluded to the American Northwest. From 2003 to 2007, Young worked with the world-famous chef Heston Blumenthal to oversee development of some of his most innovative dishes. In 2004, Young opened The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen, leading a team of more than six full-time chefs and coordinating the work of several consulting scientists. Beyond developing new dishes for The Fat Duck’s menu, Young was responsible for recipe development for the critically acclaimed first and second seasons of BBC’s “In Search of Perfection: With Heston Blumenthal.”

In 2007, Young was asked by the renowned technologist, inventor, and accomplished cook Nathan Myhrvold to return to Seattle to work at Intellectual Ventures. Alongside Myrhvold, Young helped research, experiment, and eventually coauthor the eagerly anticipated, industry game-changing Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking.

In 2012, along with Modernist Cuisine colleagues Chef Grant Lee Crilly and photographer Ryan Matthew Smith, Young co-launched an online-based culinary school ChefSteps, using an underground space beneath Seattle's Pike Place Market. Their mission: teaching people how to utilize modern techniques in their cooking.