Rising Star Chef Chris Santos of The Stanton Social - Biography

New York, NY

January 2011

Chris Santos got his first job at the age of 13, washing dishes at a small restaurant in his hometown of Bristol, Rhode Island. He admired the tough, confident chefs who surrounded him in the kitchen and decided immediately that he wanted to pursue cooking as a career. He enrolled in Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI, and, upon graduating, traveled around Europe and the United States to better understand different cultural cuisines.

Early in his career, Santos spent time at Boston’s French-inspired Cranebrook Restaurant and Tearoom; upon his arrival in New York, Santos began cooking at the Lafayette street institution Time Café. He was appointed the role of executive chef at the young age of 23, which is where he began his “self-taught” education that has led him to his approach and style today. He served as Executive Chef at Suba and was Chef and partner at Wyanoka before opening The Stanton Social in New York’s Lower East Side in 2005. At Stanton Social Santos takes an imaginative approach to small plate-style cuisine, serving bold-flavored, playful dishes that draw from the neighborhood’s culinary ethnicities (Latin, Asian and Eastern European).

Santos has two new Stanton Social-related restaurant projects on the horizon, and is working on a line of “rock n’ roll-inspired” chefwear with tattoo artist Michelle Meyers.