Chef Chris Leung of Conāt - Biography

Houston, TX

February 2011

Pastry Chef Chris Leung of Bootsie’s received his calling to pastry purely by chance. A birthday present from his girlfriend, a pastry class at The Houston Community College Pastry School, resulted in an experience that changed Leung’s life. He found that pastry satisfied a love of precision and experimentation that he’d formerly applied to chemistry; it also offered him the opportunity to think creatively.

Leung immediately switched gears from chemistry to culinary, and under the tutelage of mentor Pastry Chef Eddy Van Damme, he strengthened his technique and defined his culinary voice. Leung began his professional career at the Houston Country Club, working under Chef Jeffrey Guy as assistant pastry chef. Leung’s next move was to Yelapa Playa Mexicana. While at Yelapa, Leung played with creative twists on Latin American classics, as well as imaginative new creations.

Today, he can be found working along side 2011 Houston Rising Star Chef Randy Rucker at Bootsie’s. Leung has adapted his pastry style to the rustic-American cuisine for which Bootsie’s is renowned without sacrificing his own identity. His liquid nitrogen ice cream quenelles might be a tip of the hat to his background in science, or a capitulation to à la minute practicalities, but either way, they’re purely Leung.