Brewer Chris Cuzme - Biography

April 2013

Brewing for over a decade, 508 brewmaster Chris Cuzme is more than just a hoppy worker bee, he’s a beer activist. Beginning his career in 2001 at Philadelphia’s Home Sweet Homebrew, Cuzme learned the craft from mentors George Hummel and Nancy Rigberg before making the move to New York City. He joined the New York City Homebrewers Guild and the Malted Barley Appreciation Society, giving back to the homebrewing community by serving as president of each organization for a year. It was through this rich network of brewers that he met and teamed up with Chris Hall and Alex Post, forming a partnership to open Wandering Starcraft Brewery in of Pittsfield, MA, in June 2011.

Meanwhile, through beer and food pairings which he hosted at Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village, Cuzme came to know Mary Izett. Together they created the NYC Degustation Advisory Team in 2006, with the aim of promoting craft beers. Similar in aim, though different in method, Cuzme helped organize NYC Beer Week with Josh Schaffner, as well as co-founding the beer events crew Get Real Presents.

Fall 2012 saw more exciting new developments for Cuzme, as he took up the position of Brewmaster at 508 in downtown Manhattan, in addition to launching “Fuhmentaboudit.” This weekly podcast on features Cuzme and Mary Izett discussing the fermentation of everything from beer to kimchi.