Chef Chris Cipollone of Piora - Biography

New York, NY

January 2015

Exposed early on to the bounty of Hudson Valley, Chris Cipollone knew he wanted to work in the kitchen since he was very young. A son of wine aficionados, he was backed by his parents in pursuit of a culinary career, and went on to attend Culinary Institute of America, graduating at the top of his class. After that he received a sponsorship from Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani and spent two formative months in Italy studing food and wine.

When Cipollone returned to the States, he landed a job in Westchester, New York, training under Chef William Saverese at the progressive French kitchen of La Crémaillère in Bedford, New York, just north of the City. He went on to revamp Auberge Maxime, and consequently to help open Vox, also in Westchester County. In 2006, Cipollone made the leap to New York City and took the helm at Dylan Prime, and later at Chef Scott Conant’s Fautina at The Cooper Square Hotel. He then partnered with Jeffrey Tascarella to open Tenpenny in 2011. There, he met Simon Kim, who helped him open Piora, which boasts a cuisine that marries the heritages of both men: Italian and Korean. Cipollone’s modern American approach also picks up on a philosophy he’s cherished since childhood--fresh, seasonal ingredients that speak through their vibrant colors and flavors.