Rising Star Chef Chris Chung of Aka Bistro - Biography

Lincoln, MA

November 2011

Chris Chung was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but spent his formative years in Macao. A former Portuguese colony with eastern and western influences, Macao proved to be an ideal breeding ground for the young Chung’s culinary curiosity.

At the ripe age of 8, Chris Chung was hooked on haute cuisine. His parents took him to Hotel Lisbon and Casino and they dined at Joël Robuchon’s restaurant. One bite of Robuchon’s ultra-rich potatoes that night and Chung knew what he wanted to do in life.

He returned to Hawaii for schooling, but spent all of his breaks working in various kitchens on the island. Chung made it a point to learn the business of running a restaurant from front to back, and has worked in many positions over the years, from server to prep cook to sushi chef and head chef.

In 2004, Chung met Ken Oringer and started working at Oringer’s flagship Clio. After proving his mettle, Oringer put Chung, who considers himself an expert in Japanese cuisine, in charge of the menu and daily operations of Uni, Oringer’s tiny Back Bay sashimi bar. There, Chung prepared classic Japanese sashimi dishes and earned a 2009 StarChefs.com Rising Stars Award.

After six years at Uni, Chung and his partner Christian Touche, left the Back Bay to open Aka Bistro in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The restaurant features both a sushi bar (where Chung showcases 600 of his own creative recipes) and a French bistro.