Bartender Cera Grindstaff of Stampede Cocktail Club - Biography

Seattle, WA

January 2020

Cera Grindstaff always wanted to follow in her parents footsteps and work in the hospitality industry. Growing up in Boise, Idaho, she liked to stay home to wash dishes and play “restaurant.” At the age of 21, Grindstaff jumped at the opportunity to work as a server for her brother at beer bar Front Door. She adored the rush of service, and soon after flew to the U.S. Virgin Islands to blend piƱa coladas and mix Painkillers for the beautiful masses in speedos. 

Returning to the Pacific Northwest, Grindstaff landed in Seattle and became the opening bar manager for bar stars Chris Elford and Anu Apte’s tiki concept, Navy Strength, which won the 2018 Spirited Award for “Best New American Bar” at Tales of the Cocktail. Eager to learn more, Grindstaff joined the team at Jamie Boudreau’s Canon, featuring America’s largest spirit collection. In 2019, long time friend Paul Shanrock approached Grindstaff about hopping on board his new project, Stampede Cocktail Club, and the answer was a no brainer. Grindstaff became general manager and bar manager at the Fremont cocktail haven, infusing the hip, laidback spot with her signature hospitality-forward style. Passionately involved in the LGBTQ community, Grindstaff advocates for women and minorities in the straight male-dominated hospitality industry.