Pastry Chef Carla Cabrera-Tomasko of Bacchanalia - Biography

Atlanta, GA

December 2010

Carla Cabrera-Tomasko was born and raised in Ecuador, where she grew up in a family full of excellent cooks. Tomasko inherited the culinary gene and toyed in the kitchen as a child; all of her allowance money was spent on supplies to make cakes. After a stint as a secretary, she realized that her calling was not behind a desk, but in a kitchen.

At 19 she visited Atlanta and fell in love with the idea of going to culinary school there. So she packed her bags and headed north to the US. She enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated in 2000. After graduating, Tomasko made the rounds in Atlanta kitchens, learning as many stations (both savory and sweet) as she could.

In 2004, Tomasko found out about an opening at Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison’s acclaimed bastion of contemporary American cuisine Bacchanalia; she jumped at the opportunity. After a day of trailing, Quatrano knew she was a fit and hired on the eager cook. Two years later Tomasko was promoted to pastry chef; now, she runs the pastry station and subtly infuses South American flavors into the restaurant’s sweets.