Rising Star Mixologist Bryan Tetorakis of Rogue 24 - Biography

Washington, D.C.

November 2014

Bryan Tetorakis finds joy in bending the boundaries between the kitchen and bar. He started in the kitchen like many chefs do, as a dishwasher at age 14, and was mesmerized by the action and camaraderie. Tetorakis quickly realized his true calling, and enrolled in the culinary program at Lorain County Joint Vocational School in Ohio, and then at Johnson & Wales University in South Carolina. The young cook got his first taste of the chef’s life on the hot line. Soon after, he developed a penchant for molecular gastronomy and the allure of “playing” with food defined his style. After a decade of cooking, Tetorakis gradually turned to the bar, and seriously pursued a career as a bartender (or cheftender, a title he prefers). The transition was made possible by his mentors, two of D.C.’s renowned mixos: StarChefs.com Rising Stars Derek Brown of The Columbia Room and Gina Chersevani, who was head bartender at the now-closed PS7’s. The scientific approach Tetorakis took to mixology earned him a position at StarChefs.com Rising Star Chef R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24, whose bar is not just equipped with shaker and strainer, but also laboratory-grade equipment, including liquid nitrogen tanks and rotary evaporator. His chef-driven cocktails, part of the restaurant’s 24-course tasting menu, combine artistry and chemistry, and earned Tetorakis a 2014 StarChefs Rising Star Bartender Award.