Pastry Chef Brian Sullivan of Osteria Morini - Biography

New York, NY

February 2013

As a youth, Sullivan split his time between city life in south Chicago’s suburbs and the slower, more outdoors living of his native Michigan. After high school, Sullivan attended the University of Michigan to study industrial design. After graduating in 2000, he moved to New York City, where he was eventually drawn to the world of food. Upon meeting Rising Star Pastry Chefs Will Goldfarb and Robert Truitt in 2007, Sullivan was thrust into the artistic, scientific, and delicious world of modern pastry. During his first foray into pastry, he created custom service pieces and molds for a photo shoot for Goldfarb’s Apicius Magazine. And in 2008, Sullivan staged for Truitt at Corton, before joining the kitchen staff full time.

At Corton, Sullivan was part of the pastry team that helped the restaurant earn two Michelin stars. And in 2010, he helped open Chef Michael White’s Ai Fiori, where the restaurant received three stars from The New York Times and one Michelin star. Sullivan now serves as pastry chef at White’s Osteria Morini, where he collaborates with Truitt to compose and reintroduce diners to classic Italian desserts.