Mixologist Brian Miller of Mother's Ruin - Biography

New York, NY

August 2013

A veteran of the New York bar scene since the early 90s, the highly skilled, and now internationally recognized, Brian Miller started gaining serious exposure in 2005. That’s when Audrey Saunders tapped Miller to join the opening staff of her now legendary cocktail haven, Pegu Club. Not only did that put Miller at the forefront of New York mixology, but it put him directly under Saunders, and alongside a staff of some of the craft’s biggest up-and-comers, including Phil Ward, Jim Meehan, Sammy Ross, Chad Solomon, and Toby Maloney.

In fact, it was fellow Pegu Mixo Phil Ward who asked Miller to join the team at Death & Company in 2007, where Miller helped draw local and international attention to the once fledgling cocktail den. After Miller took the helm as head bartender in 2009, Death & Company won “Best American Cocktail Bar and World’s Best Cocktail Menu” at the 2010 Tales of the Cocktail; that same year, Miller was nominated for “International Bartender of the Year.”

In 2008, Miller had also teamed up with Lynette Marrero to create an all-tiki program at Elettaria, marking (and catalyzing) the New York resurgence of tiki cocktail culture. With consulting company Double Windsor, Miller widened his influence on liquid culture with clients ranging from El Dorado and St. Germain to entrepreneur Sean Parker, Diageo, Ateneo Restaurant, and Flor de Cana. In 2011, Miller became Tanqueray’s first NYC brand ambassador, and was later chosen to head “4th on 5th,” Diageo’s in-house bar program at their New York headquarters. And each Monday night, you can find him crafting rummy cocktails at Tiki Mondays at Mother’s Ruin.