Rising Star Chef Brian Landry of Borgne - Biography

New Orleans, LA

March 2012

Chef Brian Landry took the first step on his long career path by choosing not to take a step (further) down another. Landry received dual degrees in biology and philosophy from the University of Alabama. But when he returned to New Orleans, his heart pointed him squarely in the direction of culinary school.

Landry attended Johnson and Wales and pursued a kitchen career, working concurrently at the renowned Charleston Grill. That experience eventually landed Landry at New Orleans institution, Galatoire's. After serving as executive chef for five years, Landry took some time away from the restaurant to join the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board as part of an effort to restore confidence in Gulf seafood after the BP oil spill (who better than a chef with a bio degree to help get us back into the water?). He also helped local legend Chef John Besh open the seafood-obsessed restaurant Borgne, which Landry says he hopes is the answer to the almost-rhetorical question: "Where in New Orleans can I get the best seafood?"

These days, when he's not in the kitchen or advocating for Louisiana's fishing culture, Landry holds culinary demonstrations at local farmers markets and talks with high school students about culinary careers. Landry also recently was voted to the board of directors for Café Reconcile, and will be the chef mentor for a local Chefs Move Scholarship recipient. Clearly a dedicated advocate, Landry even finds time to speak at his alma mater Jesuit High School to encourage budding culinary students to take on the same responsibilities—and hopefully receive the same accolades—as he has.