Brett Traussi of The Dinex Group - Biography

New York, NY

August 2012

Brett Traussi is a Cornell Hotel School graduate, the Chief Operating Officer of the Dinex Group, and a die hard Giants fan who worked in the Caribbean (an easy choice) before joining the empire of Daniel Boulud. Since 1998, when he worked with fellow chef Bradford Thompson at Daniel, Straussi and Thompson teamed up to cook elaborate tailgating meals at Giants games, the cuisine designed to reflect the city of the opposing team.

But Straussi’s as passionate about cuisine as he is about pigskin. He served as food and beverage director for New York’s Palace Hotel for three years. And as Boulud’s right-hand (and sometimes left-hand) man, he has oversight of one of the most sophisticated restaurant group structures in New York City.

As the group’s chief operating officer, Straussi supervises everything from new concept development and design to construction and restaurant openings, overseeing the ongoing operations of Boulud’s five restaurants all the while. His professionalism, stubbornly positive attitude, and flexible approach are the perfect complements to Boulud’s energy and creativity, and have made an invaluable contribution to the chef’s lasting success.