Chef Brenda Steers of City and Suburban Lifestyles - Biography

Purchase, NY

August 2010

A born and bred Brooklynite, Brenda Steers has been a devoted New Yorker all her life. She’s also been in the insurance business her whole adult life, which makes her a bit of a liability guru.

Steers attended Brooklyn College and earned a degree in the liberal arts. She made her way into the insurance business and never looked back. Now president of Loveman, Kornreich & Steers, Inc., Steers started at the firm in 1984 and worked as senior vice president in charge of operations. She became president and owner of the firm in 2007.

More recently, Steers and her team saw the need for a good insurance program for the restaurant industry. As she puts it, “Many insurance companies will insure restaurants, but few really understand their needs and know how to cover them properly.” City and Suburban Lifestyles Restaurant Insurance Market was born in 2009 to fill the void.

In her post as president of Loveman, Kornreich & Steers and director of operations at Lifestyles, Steers continues to develop insurance programs that help businesses and individuals protect their assets and earnings against a variety of physical and financial hazards.