Rising Star Roaster Brandon Wells of Wells Coffee Co. - Biography

Boca Raton, FL

March 2016

South Carolina native Brandon Wells was perpetually searching for the freshest cup of coffee he could find. At 18, Wells discovered (and ordered) Peet’s Coffee from San Francisco and instantly became a long-time, loyal mail order customer, favoring the freshly roasted and shipped product. 

After moving to Boca Raton to lead a church’s music ministry, Wells and his wife noticed a dearth of specialty coffee shops in Palm Beach County. In pursuit of a better quality cup, he indulged in his lifelong proclivity for coffee and borrowed a friend’s home roaster. From that humble Precision One air roaster, he made his first formal batch, given out as Christmas gifts in handmade paper bags with the name Wells Roast. 

Both the coffee and the experience were a hit, so Wells set about pursuing roasting full-time. With the help of a 2014 Kickstarter campaign and an angel investor, Wells Coffee Co. got off the ground. Now, with a (slightly) larger roaster—a six-pound San Franciscan—Wells sells his beans wholesale and online, and the Seed,  a community coffee shop and juice bar, sells Wells’ coffees exclusively. With expansion plans in the works and the dream of opening up cafes, Wells is positioned to fill the specialty coffee void in Boca and well beyond.