Brewer Bobby Thomas of Red Hare Brewing Company - Biography

Marietta, GA

May 2012

Brewer Bobby Thomas doesn’t consider himself much of a drinker, but in one of life’s ironies, he became an amazing brewer. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management, he ran a retail store and then worked as a manufacturer’s sales representative.

But his love of beer was not to be denied. Born and raised in Atlanta, where the flavor of beer runs more corporate than craft, it was only after meeting future business partner Roger Davis that he started his passion and life’s work. After exploring the limits of home-brewing with Davis, the duo opened up Red Hare Brewing Company in 2011. The 20-barrel brewhouse (with pink-rabbit beer taps) is a work in slow-but-steady progress. While promoting their initial three offerings, Thomas is currently working on the recipes for new brews, hoping to get to 20,000 barrels a year and into canning (which he believes is better for the environment than bottles).