Chef Björn Frantzén of Frantzén/Lindeberg - Biography

Stockholm, Sweden

September 2011

After graduating from culinary school, Stockholm native Björn Frantzén got his first chef job in the Swedish Army. Frantzén then took his culinary skills to civilian territory, working at Chez Nico in London before taking a job at Edsbacka Krog in Sweden in the fall of 1998. It was there that he met Daniel Lindeberg (now his partner and pastry counterpart) who had just started on the pastry station. The pair soon realized they shared the same view of food and dining. So after a year in the Krog kitchen, they left together to go work at restaurants in the UK. Frantzén worked with Martin Blunos at Restaurant Lettonie in Bath for a year and later on with Alain Passard at his renowned L’Arpège in Paris.

Frantzén and Lindeberg finally moved into the space of their very own three years ago, the aptly double-named Frantzén/Lindeberg. Instead of a traditional menu, finished dishes—driven by what’s available from nearby gardens and farmers on any given evening—are presented as a finely crafted series of surprises at the diner’s table. Having only just opened in 2008, Frantzén/Lindeberg earned the dynamic duo their first Michelin star in 2009.  Just one year later, they were awarded with a second star. And though it was clear to the global culinary community, their 2011 S. Pellegrino “One to Watch” award cemented that Frantzén/Lindeberg and its eponymous chefs as vanguards of Nordic cuisine