Mixologist Bess Gulliver of Stratus Rooftop Lounge - Biography

Philadelphia, PA

April 2013

Mixologist Bess Gulliver has shaken and stirred from coast to coast. Gulliver started her career pouring wine at a French bistro in Washington, D.C., but she quickly developed an interest in mixed drinks and began work behind the bar at Lani Kai in Manhattan. Making her way to the West coast, Gulliver took a position at Picán in Oakland, where she developed her craft and created original cocktails. Now overseeing the cocktail program at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, Gulliver showcases her diverse talents, serving seasonally changing, pre-Prohibition inspired drinks at Red Owl Tavern, and modern, clean cocktails with a section dedicated to bubbly drinks at Stratus Rooftop Bar.