Rising Star Bartender Benjamin Krick of Juniper Tar - Biography

San Antonio, TX

November 2017

Ben Krick got his industry start managing a wine bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, before catching a serious case of wanderlust. He moved from Charlotte to Spain to learn more about the country’s grapes. That relocation became the impetus for Krick to travel around the world––to 25 countries in Europe and Northern Africa. In his explorations, he collected stories of food, friends, and diverse cultures, which he brought back to San Antonio as his cocktails’ missing ingredients. In 2014, Krick joined Esquire Bar and spent a year refining his craft under the tutelage of Houston Eaves. 

After building a following, Krick found his professional home at Juniper Tar as its general manager. At the downtown space, Krick’s tremendous backbar flows into his eclectic menu of drinks inspired by the many places he’s visited. While his cocktails are original, they’re built to replicate. Krick relies on his well rather than a kitchen pantry to build character, and has developed a style in which he uses fortified wines as sweeteners rather than syrups. With Krick investing in his tight-knit team, and taking on the BAR 5-Day, his influence will one day be as deep as his backbar.