Chef Ben Shewry of Attica - Biography

Victoria, Australia

June 2010

It’s no surprise that Ben Shewry was named “Best New Talent” by Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine in 2008. The young executive chef of Attica has been a tireless student and innovator of the craft of cooking since he first stepped into the restaurant kitchen. From a childhood in New Zealand with some early experience at The Roxborough, Shewry moved to Australia and then America to further cement his skill set in the fundamentals of exquisite cookery. A formative time spent under Chef David Thompson at Nahm in London inspired Shewry to visit Thailand, where he developed his now highly complex—and often challenging—understanding of seasoning.Shewry identifies with chefs like Heston Blumenthal, inspired by their refusal to accept limitations in the kitchen. And the menu items at Atticareflect Shewry’s curiosity, ingenuity, and discipline, combining unlikely elements with seamless execution for a surprising and oftentimes entirely unique experience. And when Attica was named the 73rd best restaurant in the entire world in the 2010 San Pellegrino list, Shewry cemented his place as an important contributor to the future of global cuisine.