Antoinette Bruno of StarChefs - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

September 2019

After Antoinette Bruno found success on Wall Street, she realized something was missing: an intimacy with food—the kind of closeness she felt living in Europe, working her way through school in restaurants. Bruno left the world of finance for the Chefs’ Program at Ritz Escoffier in Paris. She earned her culinary chops working in southern France and then returned to the States.

In 1999, Bruno became CEO of StarChefs, refocusing its mission of supporting, connecting, and elevating chefs and their profiles in a fractious and competitive industry. In 2001, Bruno became Editor-in-Chief, leading StarChefs to become an industry authority on chefs, food trends, and the culinary world. The Rising Stars Awards were launched in 2002 as a platform for young chefs to be recognized broadly. And in 2006, Bruno and partner Will Blunt launched the StarChefs International Chefs Congress.

Bruno’s photography has been featured in books, magazines, and dailies across the country. She holds a postgraduate degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Bruno was nominated for James Beard Awards for “Best Multi-Media Feature” and “Best Food Website,” and has served on the board of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.