Chef Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono - Biography

New York , NY

August 2013

Anthony Sasso was born to an incredible gastronomic heritage, but it didn’t really start hitting him until his 20s. After graduating from college in New York City, Sasso began taking trips to his family’s small village in Catalunya, Spain. The visits must have had a deeper impact than he expected, because once he returned to the States, Sasso enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education.

After graduating from ICE, Sasso threw himself into cooking and staging in some of the city’s top kitchens. While he absorbed a base of knowledge in those formative experiences, it wasn’t until Sasso slipped into the small corner spot on 17th and Irving that his career really took shape. It was then that he began working in kitchens that celebrated his own Spanish heritage, first—and for only a few days—at Bar Jamon, and later, and ultimately, Casa Mono.

Sasso began as a prep cook. A little over a year into his work at Casa Mono, he returned to Spain, intent on deepening his culinary knowledge. After working at the renowned marisqueria El Hogar Gallego, Sasso returned to Casa Mono not only a better cook, but an ambassador of classic Spanish cuisine and local Catalan specialties. Sasso began taking on whole animal butchery (apprenticing during his days off with a local butcher), preparing cured meats in-house, and developing a focus on local, farm fresh ingredients. After his first year as chef de cuisine, Casa Mono was awarded its first-ever Michelin star.