Rising Star Chef Annie Pettry of Decca - Biography

Louisville, KY

January 2014

Rising Star Chef Annie Pettry was raised in Asheville, North Carolina, an influential and self-proclaimed “Foodtopian Society.” From an early age, she was growing vegetables, foraging for mushrooms, fishing for trout, and spending countless hours in the kitchen absorbing her parents’ global cooking style. Not surprisingly, Pettry decided to pursue cooking as a career. It’s a pursuit that has taken her across the country and back again.

Early on, Pettry moved cross country to work in the pastry kitchen of the three-star restaurant, The Meetinghouse, in San Francisco. Next, to formalize her training, she attended the French Culinary Institute in New York City, where she also worked for Craig Koketsu of Park Avenue. Adding to her kitchen résumé, she held formative posts with Elliot Moss of The Admiral back home in Asheville and James Beard-nominated Loretta Keller of Coco 500 in San Francisco.

It was Keller who helped connect Pettry with the owners of Decca in Louisville, Kentucky. And with blind faith in her new city (she had never visited) and growing confidence in her skills, Pettry returned to the East Coast to take on Decca's executive chef role. Now firmly ensconced in Louisville’s culinary scene, Pettry combines the bright flavors of California, the products of the South, and the avant-garde styles of New York City into her subtle, soulful dishes at Decca, earning her a 2014 StarChefs Rising Star Chef Award.