Rising Star Pastry Chef Anne Ng of Bakery Lorraine - Biography

San Antonio, TX

November 2017

Jeremy Mandrell grew up in a military family that moved around a lot. Th at army-brat upbringing exposed him to many different culinary customs, like his morning ritual (and duty) in Germany of getting the family bread for breakfast. Stateside, he studied at the Art Institute of San Diego, instilling in Mandrell an artistic know-how that would be beneficial when making pastries years later. 

Anne Ng’s childhood included a lot of travel, too, through Asia with her Chinese parents. She attended The International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management in the Philippines, before working as a biochemist for national grocery chain Fresh & Easy. Upon realizing that the literal science of food wasn’t her niche, she turned to pastry, which offered a bit more room for creativity, even artistry.
Ng and Mandrell met while working at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery in Napa, and fell in love during their overnight shifts. The two have been partners in life and work ever since. They left the industry briefly and headed to San Antonio to work in tech, but the emerging farmers market scene eventually drew them back to baking. They began selling baked goods from a stand and, a few weeks later, met Charlie Biedenharn, who would complete the trifecta that would become Bakery Lorraine. With Mandrell and Ng thoughtfully spearheading production, the patisserie has grown to three locations and a 24-hour commissary. They also recently opened Maybelle’s Donuts in the city’s first food hall, The Bottling Department. The pastry love story will continue with a forthcoming fourth Bakery Lorraine in Austin.