Rising Star Pastry Chef Anna Posey of The Publican - Biography

Chicago, IL

May 2015

Pastry is technical and hyper precise. Once those aspects of the trade are mastered, artistry, whimsy, and otherwise captivating plating may enter the picture. Anna Posey combines both. She approached pastry as a creative outlet, a chef intent on working from the soul.

Posey came to pastry with a degree in the arts, having studied painting and drawing at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After graduation, looking to give back, Posey joined AmeriCorps. But ultimately, it was an internship at Philadelphia’s Le Bec Fin that lured her creative talents and generous spirit to cuisine. Posey attended the French Pastry School in Chicago, and interned with 2011 Chicago Rising Star Pastry Chef Patrick Fahy at Blackbird and The Publican, where she was eventually hired as a savory cook and broke down some of the boundaries established by her classical training.

Eager to return to pastry, Posey took a position at Everest, which was a rigorous reminder of classical French technique. Five months later, she was back, helming Publican and Publican Quality Meats, combining her free-ranging creativity with a solid technical skill set. But she hasn’t she left art itself behind—Posey recently began a website to sell her ink sketches and watercolor paintings of fruit, gourds, and other alluring edibles. And plans to open a restaurant with her husband, Chef David Posey, are in the works. In 2015, Posey earned a StarChefs Rising Star Pastry Chef Award for her work at The Publican.