Writer Andy Schloss - Biography

April 2012

Andy Schloss’ culinary career has spanned the entire spectrum, from chef to cookbook author, from educator to product developer. Despite wearing all these hats at one time or another, Schloss has made it a lifelong mission to teach the public about cooking techniques in a manageable way. Schloss is the author of 17 cookbooks, including The New York Times bestseller Mastering the Grill, co-authored with David Joachim. In addition, his Fifty Ways to Cook Most Everything was a Book of the Month Club Main Selection, and The Science of Good Food, also co-authored with Joachim, won an International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Award.

Schloss’ numerous articles have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and Bon Appétit. Schloss’s restaurant, In Season, was both critically acclaimed and instrumental in pushing forward Philadelphia’s dining scene renaissance. He has formerly served as IACP president, and he is currently the president of Culinary Generations, Inc, a product development company.