Rising Star Baker Andy Kadin of Bub & Grandma's - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

April 2017
Andy Kadin made his way from New Jersey to L.A. to pursue a career as a writer. But after 10 years of successful unhappiness writing for TV and advertising, something had to change. He always had quiet designs on a life in food and scrambled to take as many restaurant jobs and stages as he could, working in a pub, a sandwich shop, and several bakeries. Kadin committed to baking bread every day, giving the loaves away to friends. One such loaf made it to Dune, and so impressed owner Scott Zwiezen that he convinced Kadin to supply the restaurant with daily ciabatta. 
From that ciabatta, Bub and Grandma’s was born in Kadin’s home kitchen. The far-from-formally-trained baker relied on the generous advice of those with experience: Nan Kohler of Grist & Toll, Mac McConnell, Kevin Morton, and Rising Stars alums Austin Hall and Graison Gill. 
Currently operating out of tiny commissary space, Kadin and his team produce more than 600 loaves a day, all of which utilize large amounts of Grist & Toll’s locally milled, wholegrain flours. You can find Bub and Grandma’s loaves in some of L.A.’s best restaurants, including Osteria Mozza, Bestia, Kismet, Sqirl, and Here’s Looking at You, as well as at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. Building on demand for his hand-shaped, slow-fermented loaves, Kadin is set to open his own retail space in late 2017.