Rising Star Chef Andrew Whitcomb of Norman - Biography

Brooklyn, BY

September 2017

Nestled between the sweeping coastlines and snow-topped mountains of his Maine hometown, Andrew Whitcomb was keenly aware of nature at a young age. From adjacent farmlands and farmers markets to his parents’ gardens, local produce played an important role in Whitcomb’s life. At just 13, he began cooking in various local kitchens, and when it came time for college, he chose the Culinary Institute of America to sharpen his skills.

After graduation, Whitcomb cooked at Deuxave in Boston and then Ken Oringer’s Earth back in Maine, where he worked a wood-fired oven and made use of the large and diverse on-site gardens. He eventually moved to New York City, joining Colonie, where he rapidly moved up the ranks from line cook to executive chef. To Colonie, Whitcomb brought his Maine upbringing: developing meaningful relationships with suppliers, courting growers who practice smart and sustainable farming, and even making his own charcoal. He successfully eliminated 95 percent of the restaurant’s waste, which earned him a 2015 StarChefs Rising Star Sustainability Award.

In 2017, Whitcomb left Colonie for another responsible dining establishment: Claus Meyer and Fredrik Berselius’ all-day Greenpoint eatery, Norman. Sharing a similar philosophy with that of Colonie, Whitcomb is offering wholesome fare––fermented items, rye bread, and pickled eggs (all from his childhood diet in Maine)––with a deep commitment to seasonality and simplicity and built on sustainable relationships with local suppliers and farmers.