Chef Andrew Hroza of Goose Island Brewpub - Biography

Chicago, IL

November 2011

What do the Eagles, Van Halen, Nora Jones, and Slipknot have in common? While touring the United States, they were sustained by meals from Hells Kitchen Catering and its lead talent, Chef Andrew Hroza. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Chicago in 2002, Hroza embarked on a wicked journey, serving as a personal chef to musical stars. His specialty: heavy metal bands (and presumably hangover cures). In 2006, Hroza left the road and settled into Goose Island Brewpub, where he serves as head chef and creates beer pairing dinners to highlight Goose Island’s mainstay brews and seasonal beers alike. After three years at Goose Island, Hroza gained certification as a Cicerone (he’s currently the only chef with the beer sommelier status) to gain a better understanding of the relationship between beer and cuisine, and ultimately train his staff to appreciate his new (rocking) passion.