Rising Star Sommelier Andrea Morris - Biography

September 2017

A pescatarian gymnast walks into a restaurant, a few years later, emerges a sommelier. So goes the unexpected path of sommelier Andrea Morris. 

Morris paid her dues working in some of the country’s most prestigious wine cellars. And that’s no accident. Morris has always been competitive by nature—remember, former gymnast here. It also didn’t hurt that Morris got into food at 16, landing a butchery job at Oakland, California, restaurant Bay Wolf. While she wasn’t sure what position she’d ultimately take in the industry, the Northern California native knew exactly what direction she was headed: East to the Culinary Institute of America. It was there that she fell in love with wine, and not just the tastes, but the details, the geography, the history. Morris even found herself tutoring her fellow students. 

After graduation, Morris started as a server at Eleven Madison Park, before moving on to sommelier gigs at Oceana and Jean Georges, where she stayed for three years. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Morris was the opening beverage director at John Fraser’s vegetarian-only Nix, where she curated a wine list for a niche—but emerging—high-end, vegetable-based cuisine, winning a 2017 StarChefs New York Rising Stars award in the process. She is currently studying for the Master Sommelier exam.