Chef Anastacia Song of American Cut - Biography

New York, NY

October 2019

Many factors contribute to a flawless steak: farming practices, cut, cooking method, seasoning, and the badass chef who makes it all possible. Chef Anastacia Song leads the kitchen at both locations of New York City steakhouse, American Cut, with passion and ease. But the road to her signature black chef’s coat was bumpy. 

Growing up with parents who had serious heart issues, Song dreamed of becoming a cardiac surgeon. She attended the NYU School of Medicine, in the hopes of one day opening a private practice. When not in the hospital, Song bartended to fund her tuition. But just one year into residency, she realized she was incapable of breaking wrenching news to her patients. “[It was] going to kill my soul,” says Song. “I’m too soft for that.” She left her residency and began bartending full time. 

As an extroverted introvert, “having to put on a show for hours was difficult,” Song says. She decided to enroll at the Culinary Institute of America for an associates degree in pastry. Consequently, she worked as a pastry chef in restaurants across New York City and New Jersey and found herself bored. “[In pastry], you work on doing simple things really well. I didn’t have enough fun.” Song made one final career change, and hopped behind the hot line.

After Song worked her way up to chef de cuisine at Jersey City’s Porta, she returned to New York City to work at Martha in Brooklyn, followed by Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge, and Treehaus. Now, as the executive chef for LDV Hospitality’s American Cut, Song has found her two true loves: leadership and a damn good steak.