Amanda Hesser of - Biography

New York, NY

August 2011

As a longtime staffer at The New York Times, Amanda Hesser has written more than 750 stories on the idiosyncrasies, culture, and politics of food, wine, recipes, relationships, and more. But her verbal contributions to the cause of cuisine don’t stop with the Gray Lady. The well-traveled writer and former European continent-hopping student of the culinary arts, Hesser also served as food editor at Times Magazine, in addition to writing several award-winning books.

Hesser’s first large-format literary success was The Cook and the Gardener, which chronicles a year in the French kitchen garden of Chateau du Fey, with four seasons of recipes. On bookshelves, at least, Hesser may well be best known for Cooking for Mr. Latte, which tells the story of the culinary courtship between Hesser and her husband, New Yorker writer Tad Friend. Hesser was a natural pick to edit the essay collection, Eat, Memory, which collects the 26 best food-related stories of American writers. Her latest book, The Essential New York Times Cookbook, is both a The New York Times bestseller and the winner of a James Beard award.

Beyond her pages of published work, the hands-on Hesser developed the Twitter app Plodt and appeared in both the book and feature film adaptation of Julia Child-homage “Julie & Julia,” where Hesser played herself. Named one of 50 women game-changers in food by Gourmet, Hesser is most recently co-founder and CEO of the groundbreaking food site