Rising Star Sommelier Alexandra Stang of Hitchcock - Biography

Bainbridge Island, WA

January 2020

Born and raised in Seattle, Alexandra Stang’s love for wine began with a Romance language. While pursuing a degree in anthropology at Western Washington University in 2006, Stang moved to France for a language-intensive study abroad program. She eventually returned to the Universit√© Paris Sorbonne in 2008 to complete her masters in French language, nurturing an interest in wine along the way. When she returned to Seattle, the Great Recession hit. Stang couldn’t find a job in the anthropology field, and instead began working in restaurants. She became a server at Chez Shea, then a server and maitre d’ at Campagne Restaurant, where the beverage director, Cyril Frechier, and General Manager James Lechner welcomed Stang into the wine community and encouraged her to enroll in the CMS program. 

When Campagne shuttered in 2010, Stang became a server-turned-sommelier and manager of Bastille Cafe & Bar. Under Lechner’s mentorship and the help of her tasting group, “The Sommrades,” Stang received her Advanced Sommelier certification in 2017. After ten years at Bastille, and an additional server role at Liberty Bar, Stang joined Rising Stars alum Brendan McGill’s Hitchcock Restaurant Group in 2019 as beverage director. Stang now designs the wine and cocktail program at Hitchock’s six concepts, from the classic Italian list at Bar Taglio, to exclusively funky, new world selections at Bar Hitchcock.