Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing - Biography

Portland , OR

November 2011

Alex Ganum, owner and head brewer at Upright Brewing, is truly a hands-on producer of French and Belgian inspired beers with a Northwestern individuality. He grew up enjoying the craft beers of Michigan before moving to Portland in 2002 to attend the Western Culinary Institute. After meeting several home brewers and falling in love with the process, Ganum decided to give it a go and never looked back.

He got his start as an intern at Brewery Ommegang in upstate NY, where they focus on Belgian style beers, and then worked at chain brew pub BJ's Restaurant and Brewery in Portland for a few years. Ganum then took some much-needed time off to plan Upright, which opened in the spring of 2009.

Ganum believes Upright Brewing is as much a part of the community as it is a personal project. And when he doesn’t have beer on his mind, Ganum is probably thinking about what’s next in the kitchen or on his plate—and what digestif to wash it down with.

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