Bartender Alex Day of HoneyCut - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

May 2014

Before becoming the bicoastal cocktail guru he is today, Alex Day was just a regular kid growing up in Bend, Oregon. As an adult, he moved to New York City where he bartended for a living but wasn’t intensely or sincerely devoted to craft cocktails—until his first visit to Death & Co. He frequented the famed cocktail bar while working as the manager at Back Room on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After observing the behind the bar action at Death & Co. for a few months, Day knew that’s where he should be and was determined to get a job there. And he did.  

Day was at Death and Co. for six years before he was offered part ownership. Since then he and partner David Kaplan have founded Proprietors LLC—consulting and opening bars worldwide. In 2013, the duo brought their drink slinging style to Los Angeles. They opened Honeycut in 2013 where people never have to sacrifice a great cocktail for a night out at the disco.