Mixologist Alan Walter of Loa at the International House Hotel - Biography

New Orleans, LA

October 2014

Alan Walter is the Spirit Handler at Loa, the bar in the International House Hotel in New Orleans. With all due reverence to spirits and their origins, Alan Walter’s approach to tending bar is a modern expression of the American saloons of the Old West, where improvising with whatever spirits were on hand was a must. Unafraid of experimentation or anachronism, Walter uses a portable vintage stove to make his proprietary syrups. Walter has previously worked at Zola Bistro in Nashville and Iris, also in The Big Easy. His recipes, many of which are inspired by ingredients from the savory kitchen pantry, have been published in such publications as Food & Wine and StarChefs.com. Before becoming a bartender (and craft cocktail guru of NoLa), Walter studied Latin and theater. And when he’s not mixing at Loa, he writes country songs.