Chef Adam Stevenson of Earth & Ocean at the W Hotel - Biography

Seattle, WA

October 2011

Adam Stevenson is an utterly modern hotel chef—meaning he’s a top-rate culinary talent who is bringing creative fare to a stylish setting that just happens to be in a hotel. Earth & Ocean in the W Seattle has a long history of talent behind its stove (Jonathan Sundstrom, Maria Hines) but Stevenson has put his own twist on things with his expansive charcuterie program and his old world-meets-new-world flavor combinations.

The Old World seeds were sown early: Stevenson started in the kitchen of a local Albuquerque restaurant in high school, working side by side with the owner’s Italian mother. After high school, he moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the Western Culinary Institute, and soon after landed in Seattle as a prep cook at Tulio Ristorante under Chef Walter Pisano. He worked his way through every station and up to the title of executive sous before joining the W Seattle in 2001.

Stevenson has worked under a number of chefs, and in a number of positions, during his eight years at the W. He knows the hotel and its clientele in and out; all the better for crafting a menu that both pleases guests and keeps the restaurant on the radar as one of the city’s best.