Adam McGovern of Coffeehouse NW - Biography

Portland, OR

November 2011

Coffee Roaster Adam McGovern has taken a small coffeehouse and turned it into a thriving business. Not only that, it’s become a jumping off point for micro-roaster talks. He began his journey as coffee trail blazer in 2004 by taking over half of Coffeehouse NW in Burnside, which at the time had a dearth of coffee houses. In 2008, shortly before turning 23, he purchased the other half.

In 2010, together with his friend Aric Miller, he opened a small coffee stand called Sterling a few blocks away from Coffeehouse NW. The stand features a Lilliputian coffee roaster, so McGovern is able to share the joys of small-scale coffee roasting with his customers. He is currently working on a roaster-sharing program to help lessen the financial burden of his fellow Portland micro-roasters, and increase their combined buying power, combining good business sense with a dedication to the small coffee roasters that make Portland what it is.