Restaurateur Aaron Lefkove and Andy Curtin of Littleneck - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

October 2014

Brooklyn-based Aaron Lefkove used to work in book publishing and as a freelance writer. After his office relocated to New Jersey, Lefkove decided he didn't want to make the daily bridge and tunnel trek from the world’s favorite borough, so he left his job. Lefkove and his future business partner, Andy Curtin, had been tossing around the idea of opening their own Cape Cod-style seafood joint in Brooklyn. Curtin was running a cab company in New Jersey at the time, but is originally from Massachusetts.

When discussing the concept one day at a barbecue, the two friends decided the time was right and committed to making their dream project a reality. Littleneck, Brooklyn’s first and only classic coastal New England-style seafood shack opened in Gowanus in late 2011. Lefkove and Curtin’s second restaurant, Littleneck Outpost in Greenpoint, opened in the summer of 2014, bringing Cape Cod, clams, and a long-time dream to another of Brooklyn’s fine neighborhoods.